Abu Dhabi T10 Maratha Arabians Schedule & Players List

The Abu Dhabi T10 league falls in the third season of T10 series. The dates are expected to be around 15-24 November with the emirates cricket board being the administrator. It follows the cricket format with ten overs and the United Arab Emirates will be the host of the same. The Maratha Arabians fixtures 2019 will consist of the semi-finals and finals.

Abu Dhabi T10 Maratha Arabians Schedule & Players List

The competition holds the concept of each contestant meets the other turn by turn and hence the name Round Robin tournament. Some new teams are added in the current year league followed by replacement to some exiting teams. The Sindhis are replaced by Deccan gladiators and the Bengal tigers are replaced by Delhi bulls. Also, the Qalandars are added as a new team in the year’s league. Following you get the complete details on Maratha Arabians schedule.

Maratha Arabians T10 Franchise

The earlier team Kerala knights, Rajput and Punjabi legends are replaced by the Karnataka tuskers and Abu Dhabi team. The Maratha Arabians t10 squad consists of the Bangla tigers, Deccan gladiators, Delhi bulls and Karnataka tuskers with the coach being Aftab Ahmed, Mushtaq Ahmed, and Stephen Fleming respectively of the three former teams. These are the newly formed teams which have replaced some previously existing teams. In addition to these teams, there are four more teams namely the Maratha Arabians, northern warriors, Lahore Qalandars and team Abu Dhabi. The coach of the former two teams is Andy flower and Robin Singh respectively. Following is the Maratha Arabians T10 league schedule.

Maratha Arabians Schedule & Squad

The Maratha Arabians t10 squad 2019 groups are as follows

  • Group A-It consists of the teams Bangla Tigers, Deccan Gladiators, Delhi Bulls and Karnataka Tuskers.
  • Group B-It consists of the teams Maratha Arabians, Northern Warriors, Lahore Qalandars and Team Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi T10 Maratha Arabians Schedule 2019


Group A dates for the matches

  • The date 15th November is scheduled for the Deccan gladiators and Delhi bulls match in 18:45 hours. It will be held in the sheikh Zayed Abu Dhabi stadium.
  • 16th November will witness the match between Bangla tigers and Deccan gladiators at 15:30 hours and the same day will witness Delhi Bulls and Karnataka Tuskers match at 17:45 hours.
  • Bangla tigers and Karnataka Tuskers will have a match on 17th November at 17:45 hours.
  • 18th November will witness the matches between Deccan gladiators and Karnataka Tuskers at 15:30 hours.

Group B dates for the matches

  • Maratha Arabians squad details are as follows. On 15th November at 16:30 hours the match will be held between Maratha Arabians and Northern Warriors.
  • On the same day at 21 hours, there will a match between Lahore Qalandars And Team Abu Dhabi.
  • 16th November at 20 hours, there will a match between the Northern Warriors and Lahore Qalandars.
  • Northern Warriors and Team Abu Dhabi will compete on 17th November at 20 hours.
  • Maratha Arabians and Team Abu Dhabi will compete on 18th November at 17:45 hours.

The playoff details

The above information must have made you well versed with the Maratha Arabians team squad 2019. You can use the source site for Maratha Arabians schedule 2019 download.

The first and second qualified teams will play on 23rd November at 15:30 hours. The first eliminator will have 3rd and 4th placed team competing at 17:45 hours on 23rd November. The second eliminator will have the loser of qualifier and winner of eliminator 1 playing on 23rd November at 20 hours. Finals will be held on 24th November at 20 hours between the winner of qualifier and winner of eliminator 2.

Andy Flower picked a good team for Maratha this time around and on paper they have solid match winners in both batting and bowling so this year it will be interesting to see how well they perform. The complete list of players is as follows

Abu Dhabi T10 Maratha Arabians Players List


Maratha Arabians Schedule/Fixtures Download

Maratha Arabians is another franchise who is blessed to have an experienced coach in form of Andy Flower. In team draft the former Zimbabwe player and a successful England coach have picked players very strategically to form a team composition who can win the third edition of the T10 tournament. We have put together a nice pdf for all the Maratha franchise fans and T10 tournament fans who can download and never miss out on any of the important matches of Maratha Arabians.

Abu Dhabi T10 Maratha Arabians Schedule & Players List
Download Maratha Arabians Schedule & Players List


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