Abu Dhabi T10 Karnataka Tuskers Schedule and Players List

For all those cricket lovers who have been waiting for a while now to view the fixtures, the Abu Dhabi T10 finally disclosed the fixtures during their announcement on the 11th of October 2019.

Abu Dhabi T10 Karnataka Tusker Schedules and Players List

Karnataka Tuskers Schedule & Squad

Abu Dhabi T10 league is scheduled to be started from 14th November where an excellent opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on the starting day of the league and we will see the T10 exciting matches from the 15th of October.  Karnataka Tuskers will start their proceedings for the league on the 16th of October. The three matches in the 1st round are scheduled as follows.

Abu Dhabi T10 Karnataka Tuskers Schedule 2019


Karnataka Tuskers is blessed to have a very experienced and champion coach in shape of Tom Moody who got a vast experience of coaching many shorter format teams franchises all around the world and he is a tactical coach who picks players very strategically and that is exactly what we have seen him doing in the Abu Dhabi T10 league official draft happened on the 16th October 2019.  The drafted players show they have a very good bowling line up with a mix of excellent power hitters needed for the T10.

Abu Dhabi T10 Karnataka Tuskers Players List


The Finals competitions

At 20.00 the runners up and the winning team will compete to proceed to the final stage. The D-day will have the runners up go against each other in the 17.45 match while the winners take on each other at 20.00. This November, cricket enthusiasts all around the world take part in cheering on their favorite cricket players, some common champions to expect this year include Morgan, Russel, Nabi, Afridi, Malinga and Lynn.

Game Overview

The Karnataka Tuskers T10 squad 2019 has made things easier with tickets now available online as fans can book their seats as early as possible. Additionally, all the matches are all expected to start from 15.30, while the second match will begin at 17.45 and the final matches will be played at 20.00 for all the games. Detailed insights regarding the Karnataka Tuskers fixtures are available on the Abu Dhabi T10 Facebook page, the page assists in directing the fans on how to book their online tickets instantly. Additionally, the Karnataka Tusker schedule 2019 download is now available online; the games will be held at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium.

Karnataka Tuskers Schedule/Fixtures Download

The Karnataka Tuskers as a franchise looks solid and can surprise everyone by winning the tournament. They will certainly have a lot of backing from Indian fans who will be following every match of Tuskers closely. We have compiled a nice pdf for all passionate cricket fans of the franchise and T10 cricket so you don’t miss out on any of the live cricket action of the third season of T10 league.

Abu Dhabi T10 Karnataka Tusker Schedules and Players List
Download Karnataka Tusker Schedules and Players List

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