क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे टीम पथक 2020 | क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे खेळाडू

क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे are the supreme bosses of the पाकिस्तान सुपर लीगमध्ये as they head into the पृष्ठ 5. They had been very unfortunate since the debut पृष्ठ version as they have approached accomplishment on numerous events yet shockingly couldn’t taste it. सध्या, regardless of whether it is about karma or the need for their squad picks, they have some way or another been kept off the position of royalty by the contending sides. Presently with them previously being the protecting heroes, we expect not very many changes in the पृष्ठ 2020 Quetta Gladiators Squad. Here we have all that you have to think about their picks for the following season.

Quetta Gladiators squad 2020 is the notable group of the Pakistan Super League constantly and its an exceptionally immense fan following locally or globally In this, you will think about the Quetta combatants 2020 संघ, खेळाडू, मालक, and all group data and its वेळापत्रक 2020.


Its a champ of last PSL 4 that was held in 2018 and now they are again coming in पृष्ठ 2020. This Team has the incredible players that are chosen from Pakistan and universally too. क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे was found in 2015 and it’s home ground is in the Bugti ground arena in Quetta.


Quetta Gladiators Squad 2020

Warriors are the most gifted side of the competition with the ideal blend of batsmen, defenders, bowlers, and directors also. द PSL Team Squads has not declared up until now; असेल तो येईल की, the establishment has chosen to hold the players.

English cricketer and ICC World Cup 2019 star batsmen जेसन रॉय joined the Gladiators Squad this cricket season. With the exception of Roy, बेन कटिंग, शेन वॉटसन, Tymal मिल्स, and Fawad Khan joined the Gladiators Squad.

Loads of national and global cricketers have advanced toward the universal cricket in the wake of performing under the Gladiators banner. During पृष्ठ 2018, Gladiators lost the semi-final against पेशावर Zalmi from a tight end.


Quetta Gladiators Squad for PSL 5 2020

Here is the current squad of क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे च्या साठी पृष्ठ 2020 5व्या संस्करण:

पाकिस्तानी खेळाडू

  • सरफराज अहमद (कर्णधार)
  • मोहम्मद नवाज
  • नसीम शाह
  • एहसान अली
  • सोहेल खान
  • Ahmad Shahzad ला
  • उमर अकमलला
  • मोहम्मद Hasnain
  • फवाद अहमद
  • Arish अली खान
  • आझम खान
  • खुर्रम Manzoor
  • अब्दुल नासिर

विदेशी खेळाडू

  • शेन वॉटसन
  • बेन कटिंग
  • जेसन रॉय
  • Tymal मिल्स
  • पॉल Keemo


Main Players of Quetta Gladiators Team 2020

सरफराज अहमद:

The Pakistan chief has gone under a ton of weight from a lot of quarters for his batting, captaincy and different issues, remembering one occurrence for which he was prohibited for four games by the ICC for bigotry charges. He has been given the PCB’s sponsorship by being selected the Pakistan chief for the विश्व चषक and couldn’t want anything more than to return back the support by coming back to frame with some superb batting in the PSL.

शेन वॉटसन:

आता, the issue is that वॉटसन hasn’t bowled in the whole बिग बॅश लीग, so he may be playing as a batsman alone yet as his 329 runs in the competition have appeared, the old legs still have a great deal to offer. Anticipate that he should bat at the highest point of the request and score a bucketful of runs.

जेसन रॉय:

Easily perhaps the best opener on the planet, Jason Roy’s determination to the क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे will make them a group to keep an eye out this पृष्ठ. They will need to satisfy their hope of making it to the finals again however with Roy around, anticipate that they should even go above and beyond.


Quetta Gladiators Drafted Players


जेसन रॉय, सर्फराज अहमद, मोहम्मद नवाज,


शेन वॉटसन, बेन कटिंग, Ahmed Shezad,


उमर अकमलला, फवाद अहमद, Mohammad Husnain,


सोहेल खान, Tymal Milss, अब्दुल नासिर, Naeem Shah, एहसान अली


Aarish Khan, आझम खान


खुर्रम Manzoor, पॉल Keemo,



  • Nadeem Omer and the owner of Omer Associates.



Pakistan’s ex-wicketkeeper मोईन खान is the head coach and Sir Viv Richards is batting coach. Other names are below:

नाव स्थिती
Harris Jalil Mir Chief Operating Officer
आझम खान Manager
मोईन खान Head coach
Abdul Razzaq सहाय्यक प्रशिक्षक
Viv Richards Batting coach & Mentor
Nabeel Hashmi Assistant Team Manager



  • सर्फराज अहमद.



  • सर्फराज अहमद
  • उमर अकमलला
  • एहसान अली
  • Ahmad Shahzad ला
  • Mohammad Azam Khan
  • Saud Shakil



  • फवाद अहमद
  • Mohammad Asghar



  • Sohail Tanveer
  • मोहम्मद नवाज
  • Anwar Ali
  • Ghulam Mudassar
  • Nasim Shah
  • Jalal Khan
  • Muhammad Irfan Jr.



  • Rilee Rossouw
  • Danish Aziz
  • सुनील नारायण,
  • ड्वेन ब्राव्हो
  • शेन वॉटसन
  • Dwayne Smith
  • हॅरी Gurney


पृष्ठ 2020 Quetta Gladiators Schedule

तारीख मॅच वेळ ठिकाण
20-फेब्रुवारी-2020 क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे इस्लामाबाद युनायटेड वि 7:00 पंतप्रधान 7.30 पंतप्रधान कराची
22-फेब्रुवारी-2020 Quetta Gladiators vs Peshawar Zalmi 2:00 पंतप्रधान 2.30 पंतप्रधान कराची
23-फेब्रुवारी-2020 क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे वि कराची किंग्ज 2:00 पंतप्रधान 2.30 पंतप्रधान कराची
27-फेब्रुवारी-2020 इस्लामाबाद युनायटेड क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे वि 7:00 पंतप्रधान 7.30 पंतप्रधान रावळपिंडी
29-फेब्रुवारी-2020 Multan Sultans vs Quetta Gladiators 2:00 पंतप्रधान 2.30 पंतप्रधान मुलतान
03-Mar-2020 क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे वि लाहोर Qalandars 7:00 पंतप्रधान 7.30 पंतप्रधान लाहोर
05-Mar-2020 Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta Gladiators 7:00 पंतप्रधान 7.30 पंतप्रधान रावळपिंडी
07-Mar-2020 लाहोर Qalandars क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे वि 7:00 पंतप्रधान 7.30 पंतप्रधान रावळपिंडी
11-Mar-2020 Quetta Gladiators vs Multan Sultans 7:00 पंतप्रधान 7.30 पंतप्रधान लाहोर
15-Mar-2020 क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे कराची किंग्ज वि 7:00 पंतप्रधान 7.30 पंतप्रधान कराची


क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे पृष्ठ 2020 लोगो

क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे 2020 जर्सी

eam Anthem of Quetta Gladiators पृष्ठ


अद्यतनित: जानेवारी 6, 2020 — 8:29 दुपारी

26 टिप्पण्या

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