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فرق البولندي واللاعبين 2020 | باكستان الدوري الممتاز 2020 | PAGE 2020 | PAGE 2020 فرق | باكستان فرق الدوري الممتاز وفرق

فرق البولندي واللاعبين 2020

PAGE 2020 (باكستان الدوري الممتاز, 5الطبعة الخامسة 2020) will be very fun for cricket fans in Pakistan. باكستان الدوري الممتاز 2020, 5الطبعة الخامسة, will feature world-class competitors, batsmen, الرماه, and field players. Here you can get all the details about PAGE اعواد الكبريت, فرق, cricket spots, scorecards, تذاكر, and live streaming partners, إلخ.

The fifth season of the Pakistan Super League will take place on 20 شهر فبراير 2020. ال 2020 PAGE team for all teams was announced at the end of the PAGE project, which took place on 6 ديسمبر. الكل PSL games will be played in Pakistan this year.
Usually, each season the team is allowed to retain several players while the rest return to the PSL draft. Then, based on the team’s requirements, their selection in the draft and other players, they fill out their entire roster. The list of players released by PSL franchisees for PSL in 2020 and acquired by them was updated on December 2, 2019.

Each team has the right to retain up to eight players, and most countries use this option to create PAGE. ال PAGE 2020 project will take place on December 6, 2019.

Baber Azam was one of the prisoners in each team and led the field with the kings of Karachi who arrested him in the platinum category. شهيد أفريدي tops the list of players retained from مولتان السلاطين, while players like Shadab Khan, الفخار زمان, Mohammad Nawaz, and Hasan Ali will continue to play for their respective teams from last season. The list of all players saved by the فريق البولندي is updated below.

ال فريق البولندي will be updated below with the final team for the 2020 version of the tournament at the end of the draft which takes place on 6 ديسمبر. The list of PAGE 2020 players is below.

PAGE 2020 فرق

ال باكستان الدوري الممتاز consists of six players like the other T20 leagues in the world. All teams at PAGE belong to the most important city in Pakistan. The six teams are لاهور Qalandars, مولتان السلاطين, بيشاور الظالمي, كراتشي الملوك, كويتا مصارعين, and Islamabad United. Looking for details in all teams? Stay here!

PSL Teams and Owners

1. كويتا مصارعين السيد. Nadeem Omar
2. اسلام اباد المتحدة السيد. علي نقوي & Ms. Samina Naqvi
3. بيشاور الظالمي السيد. جواد افريدي
4. كراتشي الملوك السيد. Salman Iqbal
5. مولتان السلاطين السيد. علي القطار & Taimoor مالك
6. لاهور Qalandars السيد. فواد رنا

Each team has a total of 21 لاعبين, seven of which are foreign players from various countries. According to the PAGE 2020 update, the name of the 7th team has not yet been released.

  • United Islamabad

    Islamabad United is one of the best teams because of the previous record. With its name clear that this is the capital team. Many stars belong to Islamabad because there are many established cricket clubs. اسلام اباد المتحدة is owned by Leonine Global Sports. And the owner of this sports company is Amina Naqvi and Ali Naqvi. Islamabad’s captains and trainers are Mohammed Sami و Misbah-ul-Haq.

  • Sultan Multan

    The great فريق البولندي is Multan Sultan. This team belongs to Multan, the seventh-largest city in Pakistan. Multan is also present on the banks of the نهر تشيناب. Do you know other names? Another name for Multan is the city of the saints.
    Ali Tarien و Taimur Malik are the owners of Sultan Multan. This team offers many players to the Pakistan International Cricket Team. Shoaib Malik is the captain of this team and أندي زهرة, مدرب مولتان السلاطين.

  • kings of Karachi

    كراتشي الملوك is a very good team compared to other teams. The team’s home city is Karachi, the capital of Sindh province in Pakistan. Karachi is also the fifth-largest city in the world. Bin Qasim Harbor, Karachi Port, و Gina International Airport are available in this city.
    Karachi Kings is owned by Salman Iqbal and CEO of News of ARY. As for the interview, the owner of this team offers expensive prizes to the players of this team. بالاضافة, the captain of this team is Imad Vasim, and this team has an excellent coach named Dean Jones.

  • بيشاور الظالمي
    The most sought after and experienced team in the باكستان الدوري الممتاز يكون بيشاور الظالمي. This team belongs to Peshawar, the most beautiful city in Pakistan. Peshawar is also the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
    بيشاور الظالمي is owned by جواد افريدي, CEO of Haier Pakistan. بيشاور الظالمي is the only team that produces many players for Pakistan’s international cricket team. The team also trained Mohammed Akram و دارين سامي was the captain of بيشاور الظالمي.

  • Quetta gladiators

    باكستان الدوري الممتاز has a fantastic team, كويتا مصارعين. And it belongs to Quetta, which is known as a fruit town in Pakistan. Quetta is also the capital of Baluchistan, the largest province in Pakistan.
    Nadeem Omar is the owner of this team and he is the director of Omar Associates. Does the coach of this team have a good experience? Moen Khan هو Quetta gladiator trainer and his records show he is the best cricketer. Sarfraz Ahmed is also the captain of this team.

  • لاهور Qalandars

    When we talk about the most expensive team in the باكستان الدوري الممتاز, it’s about the Lahore Calendar and not about other people. International players like to play the PSL league through this team. It is also part of Lahore, the most valuable and most popular city in Pakistan.
    The team is owned by Rana Fawad, a doctor from a medical company in Qatar. Rana Fawad arranges the best coach for this team named Akib Javed. Fahar Zaman is also the captain of the Lahore Calendar.

PAGE 2020 Squad All Teams

اسلام اباد المتحدة فرقة

Home players:

شاداب خان, Amad Booth, فهيم أشرف, Asif Ali, Hussein Talat, Mohammed Musa, Rizwan Hussein, Rouman Raise, ظفر جوهر, عاكف جاويد, Sif Badar, and Ahmed Safi Abdullah.

Overseas players:

Luc Ronci, Dale Stein, كولن انجرام, كولن مونرو, فيل السلط, and Raci van der Dussen.

Karachi Kings squad

Home players:

Imad Vasim (ج), بابار عزام, Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammed Amir, عامر يامين, Osama Mir, Khan who died, Sharjah Khan, محمد رضوان, عميد آصف, Avis Zia, Arshad Iqbal.

Players abroad:

أليكس هيلز, كريس الأردن, كاميرون ديلبورت, Ali Khan, ولورانس, and Liam Plunkett.

Sultan Multan Squad

Home players:

شهيد أفريدي (في), علي شفيق, Mohammed Irfan, Mohammed Iljas, Junayd Khan, شان مسعود, زيشان أشرف, Sohail Tanwir, وRohail, Khushdil شاه, عثمان القادر, Bivalwal Bhatti.

Overseas players:

جيمس فينس, Moeni Ali, Riley Rossow, رافي بوبارا, عمران طاهر, فابيان ألين

فرقة لاهور Qalandars

Home players:

Sohail Akhtar (في), Mohammed Hafeez, Shaheen Afridi, حارس رؤوف, Booth Salman, عثمان شينواري, Fahar Zaman, Jaaid Ali, Raja Farzan, Faizan Khan, Dilbar Hussein.

Overseas players:

David Weiss, كريس لين, Summit Patel, Zeekuge Prasanna, بين دانك, and Landle Simmons.

فرقة كويتا مصارعين

Home players:

Sarfaraz Ahmed (في), أحمد شهزاد, Ahsan Ali, Mohammed Hasnain, Mohammed Nawaz, نسيم شاه, عمر اكمل, عبد الناصر, Sohail Khan, Huram Manzur, Aarish Ali, عزام خان.

Overseas players:

Ben Clouting, جايسون روي, فواد أحمد, Tymal ميلز, شين واتسون, and Kimo Paul

بيشاور الظالمي فرقة

Home players:

Hasan Ali, كامران أكمل, Umar Amin, Imam-ul-Haq, الوهاب رياض, Shayb Malik, Mohammed Mohsin, مريح علي, عادل أمين, حيدر علي, Mohammed Amir Khan, Aamir Ali.

Overseas players:

دارين سامي (inside), ليام داوسون, Dwayne Pretorius, Liam Livingston, Kiron Pollard, Tom Bunton.

كويتا مصارعين gained hard-hitting England opener Jason Roy, Aussie all-rounder Ben Cutting and leggie Fawad Ahmed while stimulating bat Tom Banton was picked by بيشاور الظالمي. Zalmi furthermore went for Shoaib Malik, Liam Dawson and Rahat Ali in their course of action.

مولتان السلاطين got Moeen Ali and Rilee Rossouw in the draft while giving Ravi Bopara another plausibility in their plan, في حين لاهور Qalandars had Chris Lynn driving the course for them as he would like to develop his T10 structure nearby Samit Patel, بين دانك, and Lendl Simmons.

Dale Steyn will lead the pace bowling ambush for اسلام اباد المتحدة, who will moreover have Colin Ingram, كولن مونرو, and Rassie van der Dussen while Alex Hales joins كراتشي الملوك, close by English pacers Chris Jordan and Liam Plunkett. ال 6 باكستان الدوري الممتاز 2020 gatherings are underneath.

The country has a strong cricketing inheritance and keeps administering obvious players on the scene. The country’s capacity at tossing speedy bowlers on the cricketing field is essentially stunning. The officials are tweaking a year prior’s inadequacies to ensure that everything is hunky-dory with Pakistan set to have all of the matches next season. ال HBL PSL 2020 لاعبين list is put already.

باكستان الدوري الممتاز 2020 Overseas Players

شين واتسون, جايسون روي, بن القطع, Tymal ميلز, بول Keemo, كريس لين, ليندل سيمونز, جيمس فينس, ريلي روسوو, رافي بوبارا, فابيان ألين, لوك رونشي, دايل ستاين, كولن انجرام, كولن مونرو, Rassir van der Dussen, فيل السلط, كيرون بولارد, توم بانتون, ليام داوسون, Dwaine بريتوريوس, ليام ليفينغستون, أليكس هيلز, كريس الأردن, كاميرون ديلبورت, ولورانس, ليام بلانكيت, Ali Khan are a portion of the star abroad players that will play in the باكستان الدوري الممتاز 2020.

PSL New Players 2020

كما ربما تعلمون, the administration of any T20 association enables global players to participate in the period of different nations. في هذا الطريق, numerous superb worldwide players will participate in PAGE 2020. The name of the considerable number of players was declared during PAGE 5 مشروع service, hung on 06th December 2019. It implies the cricket matches of PAGE 2020 will be intriguing, so you ought not to miss observing live.

PAGE 2020 Players Categories

Platinum Players

Mohammad Nawaz, Sarfaraz Ahmed, جايسون روي, الفخار زمان, محمد حفيظ, كريس لين, Mohammad Irfan, معين علي, ريلي روسوو, شاداب خان, دايل ستاين, كولن انجرام, Hasan Ali, كيرون بولارد, الوهاب رياض, بابار عزام, Mohammad Amir, أليكس هيلز.

Diamond Players

شين واتسون (مرشد), أحمد شهزاد, بن القطع, شاهين شاه أفريدي (سفير العلامة التجارية), ديفيد فيسه, عثمان شينواري, شهيد أفريدي (مرشد), زيشان أشرف, رافي بوبارا, فهيم أشرف (سفير العلامة التجارية), Asif Ali, كولن مونرو, كامران أكمل (سفير العلامة التجارية), توم بانتون, Shoaib Malik, Imad Wasim (سفير العلامة التجارية), Iftikhar Ahmed, كريس الأردن.

Gold Players

عمر اكمل (ambassador), محمد حسنين, فواد أحمد, جيمس فينس (سفير العلامة التجارية), جنيد خان, سهيل تنوير, حارس رؤوف, Sohail Akhtar, ساميت باتيل, لوك رونشي (مرشد), Hussain Talat, رمان ريس, دارين سامي (مرشد), Imam-ul-Haq, ليام داوسون, عامر يامين, شارجيل خان, كاميرون ديلبورت.

Silver Players

Ahsan Ali, نسيم شاه, Sohail Khan, Tymal ميلز, عبد الناصر, بات سلمان, سيكوج براسانا, بين دانك, فرزان رجا, Jaahid علي, علي شفيق, شان مسعود, Khushdil شاه, عثمان القادر, فابيان ألين, بات العمد, موسى خان, رضوان حسين, ظفر جوهر, فيل السلط, Umar Amin, محمد محسن, مريح علي, Dwaine بريتوريوس, عادل أمين, Usama Mir, محمد رضوان, عميد آصف, Dan Lawrance, Ali Khan.

Emerging Players

العريش علي خان, عزام خان, M Faizan, Mohammad Ilyas, وRohail, Aqif Javed, Ahmed Safi Abdullah, أمير خان, Amir Ali, عمر خان, Arshad Iqbal.

Supplementary Players

بول Keemo, خرام منصور, ليندل سيمونز, Dilbar Hussain, عمران طاهر, بيلاوال بهاتي, سيف بدر, Rassie فان دير Dussen, ليام ليفينغستون, حيدر علي خان, ليام بلانكيت, Awais Zia.


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