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PSL तिकीट 2020-PSL ऑनलाईन किंमत सह तिकीट

Cricketer lovers ask me PSL Ticket 2020 where to buy? You will find out the answer. Great News, PSL Tickets are now available for sale at the end of Jan 2020.

Pakistan next series is PSL. You can take PSL online tickets at your doorstep. Here is PSL Karachi Matches Tickets 2020.

Now you get PSL tickets 2020 हंगामात 5 पाकिस्तान सुपर लीग.

A comprehensive article that covers these things in details.

  • PSL तिकीट किंमत 2020
  • PSL final tickets 2020
  • A guide on how to get tickets
  • पृष्ठ 2020 Tickets Prices

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PSL तिकीट 2020

Buying PSL 5 tickets is a challenging task.

This tickets information will be along with PSL tickets
price and PSL tickets for sale

This year PSL is delivering much excitement for you. The time you are again going to behold historic cricket moments in PSL matches 2020.

The useful information for Pakistani fans that all PSL of matches will play in Lahore, कराची, मुलतान, and Rawalpindi.

Ready up cricket fans, you desire is to fulfill the PSL return in your own country.

Soon all tickets will be sold you must get PSL tickets 2020. You compel to watch the matches on a TV screen.

पृष्ठ 2020 TICKETS-(Retail Shop & Online PSL Tickets)

The selling of tickets will start from the last week of January 2020. The Q-tickets PSL for the 5th season of PSL are already hot in demand.

We are sharing complete information about buying PSL matches tickets.

  • PSL तिकीट किरकोळ दुकाने, किंमत सह
  • PSL तिकीट ऑनलाईन


You can purchase tickets for PSL 2020 from any retailing
shops that are selling them. The retailing shops are in Lahore, कराची,
रावळपिंडी, and Multan, where the matches will play.

TCS express is selling the tickets. तिकीट किंमत PSL 2020 PSL मध्ये काय होत आहे 4 different cities, and the PSL ticket price for each city differs. Let’s find out the price details of PSL tickets in each town. You can choose which ticket you can afford with comfort.

ONLINE TICKETS 2020 & पृष्ठ 2020 online tickets booking

ऑनलाइन PSL साठी तिकीट 2020 has introduced to give an
equal possibility to everyone to take the ticket. You can purchase the PSL
tickets online from certain sites:

We give the direct link of PSL tickets links. मध्ये
पाकिस्तान, yayvo by TCS is selling these tickets. Internationally, Q-tickets
sell Pakistan super league Tickets.

Yayvo is an official gateway for Pakistan super league tickets by Pakistan Cricket Board.

Procedure for PSL Online Ticket

You can open each of the above sites on your mobile or
computer. Write PSL tickets in the search bar.

You will see the feature of PSL matches tickets along
with their prices. सूचीतून बाहेर, you can choose the match which you want to
see at the stadium.

After deciding the match from options. A new page will open where you have to fill the necessary information. You can pay the PSL ticket price by provided payment options.

If you are purchasing the ticket through a credit card. You will have to add the credit card details. You are giving the option to buy the ticket by Cash on delivery service.

If you pick cash on delivery, you will take an order number.

ऑनलाइन ऑर्डर ठेवल्यानंतर. You will get the ticket on your doorstep within a week.


  • एक व्यक्ती कॅन खरेदी 5 तिकीट (Via CNIC)
  • Details and Address Given on Your CNIC Should Match, cnic तपशील
  • The CNIC details will verify at the time of delivery. स्वत: संकलन तसेच
  • आपण टीसीएस एक्सप्रेस केंद्र तिकीट गोळा
  • Tickets are neither Refundable/Changeable

Questions: how to take PSL Final Tickets 2020, Price is according to match and city.

If you wish to enjoy the Pakistan Super League
in-stadium, get tickets and enjoy it.

The number of tickets ranges match to match, City to
सिटी. The largest demanding Tickets are the Final ticket. पाकिस्तान सुपर लीगमध्ये
final will play in Karachi.

हा लेख चेंडू आपल्या सर्व प्रश्न संबंधित PSL तिकीट आशा 2020. How to get PSL online tickets 2020? Also Pakistan super league PSL final match 2020 तिकीट.

PSL online tickets is a better option in Pakistan, online shops deliver tickets at your doorstep. Choice cash on delivery method.

संबंधित:- थेट प्रवाह

PSL Ticket Price City Wise


पृष्ठ 5 matches will be playing in Lahore Qadaffi Stadium:

PSL तिकीट लाहोर किंमत आहे 500-5000. Home Delivery Of
Tickets will Start From 15 फेब्रुवारी 2020.

The PSL ticket price for these matches orders from RS 6000- रु 10000. You can select the ticket according to different enclosures General to VIP enclosure seats.

किंमत श्रेणी प्रत्येक भिंत बदलते — the names of
these enclosures based on Top cricket players of Pakistan.

PSL तिकीट किंमत 2020, रु 500-3000 आपली निवड बदलते.

कराची,- Qadafi Stadium Lahore ticket prices 2020

There is a total of 11 different tickets available for this match according to available enclosures. They are: PSL tickets 2020 लाहोर

  • Abdul Qadir Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Majid Khan Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Saeed Ahmed Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Sarfraz Nawaz Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Zaheer Abbas Enclosure – रु. 1,000
  • A.H Kardar Enclosure – रु. 2,000
  • Javed Miandad Enclosure – रु. 2,000
  • Raja’s Enclosure – रु. 2,000
  • Saeed Anwar Enclosure – रु. 2,000
  • Imran Khan Enclosure – रु. 3,000
  • Waqar Younis Enclosure – रु. 3,000

To purchase the tickets,
click hereyayvo PSL
तिकीट 2020, yayvo cricket tickets, yayvo online tickets, yayvo t20 tickets

You can buy PSL tickets Meezan bank,

You can purchase TCS, Yayvo tickets or TCS tickets


matches will play in the Rawalpindi cricket ground. पृष्ठ 5 Rawalpindi ticket
price is here:

PSL Tickets Rawalpindi Price is 500-5000. Home Delivery of Tickets will Start From 15 फेब्रुवारी 2020.


Many matches will play at Multan cricket grounD. पृष्ठ 5
Multan ticket prices are:

PSL Tickets Multan Price is 500-5000. Home Delivery of
Tickets will Start From 15 फेब्रुवारी 2020.


पृष्ठ 5 Final will play here.

पृष्ठ 2020 Tickets Price for Karachi Is 500-10000Pkr

*कराची- National Stadium Karachi Ticket Prices 2020

There is a total of 12 various tickets available for this match according to available enclosures. They are: PSL तिकीट किंमत 2020 कराची

  • Intikhab Alam Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Iqbal Qasim Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Mohd. Brothers Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Nasimul Ghani Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Wasim Bari Enclosure – रु. 500
  • Waqar Hasan Enclosure – रु. 1,000
  • Majid Khan Enclosure – रु. 1,000
  • Zaheer Abbas Enclosure – रु. 2,000
  • Wasim Akram Enclosure – रु. 2,000
  • Imran Khan Enclosure – रु. 2,000
  • Fazal Mahmood Enclosure – रु. 2,500
  • Hanif Mohammad Enclosure – रु. 3,000

To purchase the tickets, click here. yayvo.com PSL tickets.

पृष्ठ 2020 Final Tickets

पाकिस्तान सुपर लीगमध्ये, PSL अंतिम तिकीट 2020 price 500
ते 12000.

संबंधित:-Pakistan super league Teams

PSL अंतिम कराची मध्ये खेळणार. Many matches are going to happen in Karachi, including the PSL final. PSL final will play in National Stadium Karachi in March. You can PSL final tickets buy online.

PSL’s final ticket is always most demanded, and all
tickets are sale out in minutes.

The details of 2020 PSL Karachi’s final ticket price according to various enclosures. The ticket price for other matches is the same.

PSL final tickets 2020 price

  • Stadium General enclosure: The price of the ticket is RS 1000
  • First Class: The amount of the ticket is RS 4000
  • Stadium Premium ticket: The price of the ticket is RS 8000
  • Stadium VIP ticket: The ticket price is Rs12000

You take PSL final ticket Karachi in the rates mentioned above. If all tickets will sale out, people start selling in black with high prices, that is illegal.

संबंधित:- Pakistan super league 2020 वेळापत्रक

Stay tuned to PSL & IPL for more news and updates.
मी खोली मध्ये सर्व माहिती कव्हर.
Have any questions, Drop comments. I will reply to you and assist you. Contact us.

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