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PSL वेळापत्रक 2020 | वेळापत्रक | सामने | डाउनलोड करा PSL वेळापत्रक मोफत पीडीएफ

complete PSL 2020 वेळापत्रक is present here. The officials of Pakistan Cricket Board have set the schedule to play the cricket matches of this edition. All the cricket matches will be played in Pakistan and it is the attractive news for the Pakistani cricket lovers. तुम्हाला माहीत आहे म्हणून, PCB made this league in 2015 to earn good money. त्यामुळे, the four seasons of PSL have passed as of its birth year.


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पृष्ठ 2020 वेळापत्रक

The Chairman of the PCB Ehsan Mani has a wish to host all the cricket matches in Pakistan. For this purpose, he has selected the four venues in Pakistan. सर्व PSL 2020 venues belong to some big cities in Pakistan. तसेच, the four cricket venues are the home ground of the 4 teams in PSL.

No Matches तारीख ठिकाण
Islamabad United VS Lahore Qalandars 20th February दुबई
मुलतान सुलतान कराची किंग्ज वि   21st February दुबई
Peshawar Zalmi Vs Quetta Gladiators   21st February दुबई
Islamabad United VS Multan Sultans   22nd February दुबई
Lahore Qalandars Vs Karachi Kings   22nd February दुबई
Islamabad United Vs Quetta Gladiators   23rd February दुबई
Peshawar Zalmi Vs Lahore Qalandars   23rd February दुबई
Quetta Gladiators vs Multan Sultans 24th February शारजा
Peshawar Zalmi Vs Karachi Kings 25th February शारजा
मुलतान सुलतान वि लाहोर Qalandars 25th February शारजा
क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे वि लाहोर Qalandars 26th February शारजा
Islamabad United V Karachi Kings 26th February शारजा
Multan Sultans v Peshawar Zalmi 27th February शारजा
Quetta Gladiators V Karachi Kings 27th February शारजा
Multan Sultans V Islamabad United 28th February दुबई
Lahore Qalandars V Quetta Gladiators 29th February दुबई
Islamabad United VS Multan Sultans 29th February दुबई
Multan Sultans Vs Peshawar Zalmi   1st मार्च दुबई
Karachi Kings V Lahore Qalandars 1st मार्च दुबई
Peshwar Zalmi Vs Islamabad United 2nd मार्च दुबई
Multan Sultans V Quetta Gladiators 2मार्च दुबई
Quetta Gladiators V Peshawar Zalmi 3व्या मार्च Abu Dubai
Karachi Kings V Multan Sultans 3व्या मार्च Abu Dubai
Lahore Qalandars V Islamabad United 5th मार्च Abu Dubai
Quetta Gladiators V Islamabad United 5th मार्च Abu Dubai
Karachi Kings V Peshawar Zalmi 7th मार्च कराची
Lahore Qalandars V Islamabad United 7th मार्च लाहोर
Karachi Kings V Quetta Gladiators 10th मार्च कराची
Lahore Qalandars V Multan Sultans 12th मार्च लाहोर
eliminator 1, 3 v 4 15th मार्च लाहोर
पात्रता 1, 3 V 4 17th मार्च कराची
eliminator 2 19th मार्च कराची
अंतिम 22मार्च कराची

त्यामुळे, the cricket matches of the पृष्ठ 2020 will start on 20th फेब्रुवारी and end on 22nd March. The names of the venues are National Stadium, Gaddafi स्टेडियम, मुलतान क्रिकेट स्टेडियमवर, and Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. Let’s start a discussion about the venues in detail!


PSL Stadiums 2020
नॅशनल स्टेडियम
मुलतान क्रिकेट स्टेडियमवर
रावळपिंडी क्रिकेट स्टेडियम
Gaddafi स्टेडियम

  • नॅशनल स्टेडियम

This cricket place present in Karachi, which is the most populous city in Pakistan. तसेच, it is the home city of Karachi Kings. Moreover, this city has Jinnah International Airport, Port Bin Qasim, and Port of Karachi. National Stadium has a capacity of 34,228 people.

  • मुलतान क्रिकेट स्टेडियमवर

The beautiful stadium is available in Multan. तसेच, this city is the home of Multan Sultans, which is an excellent team in PSL. This stadium has a lot of lights and comfortable seats for the cricket fans. Moreover, the location of this venue is most because Multan is present on River Chenab. त्यामुळे, 35,000 people can watch live cricket at this stadium at a time.

  • रावळपिंडी क्रिकेट स्टेडियम

This cricket place is available in Rawalpindi, जे इस्लामाबाद दुहेरी शहर आहे. You can say that it is the home ground of Islamabad United. Floodlights are available in this cricket place. Moreover, this stadium has a capacity of 28,000 people.

  • Gaddafi स्टेडियम

The PCB officials selected this cricket place due to its attractive buildings and lights. It is available Lahore, which is one of the wealthiest cities in Pakistan. तसेच, the final cricket match of PSL 5 will take place in it. त्यामुळे, the capacity of this stadium is 27,000 people at a time.

पृष्ठ 2020 Schedule and Team players

पाकिस्तान सुपर लीगमध्ये has six teams like other T20 leagues. लाहोर Qalandars, कराची किंग्ज, पेशावर Zalmi, क्वेटा ग्लॅडिएटर्सचे, मुलतान सुलतान, आणि इस्लामाबाद युनायटेड. The new players of other countries are to play in this fifth edition.


पृष्ठ 2020 Live Streaming Broadcast


Each can select the 21 players in which seven global players will include. त्यामुळे, the players of all the teams have excellent skills to play the T20 league. तसेच, the complete schedule and players are available on this post.


Complete PSL Team Players List 2020


पृष्ठ 2020 Schedule CricBuzz

It may be possible that you know about the CricBuzz. It is the best site in the world to watch every detail about cricket. म्हणून, if you have not enough time to search for the पृष्ठ 5 वेळापत्रक, then don’t worry.

Go to Google and type CricBuzz. त्यामुळे, open the site and get all the details about this fifth edition of PSL. शिवाय, you can visit this site without paying the cost. तसेच, it provides information about all the cricket events in the world.

पृष्ठ 2020 वेळापत्रक PDF

Some cricket lovers have a wish to get the schedule in PDF. म्हणून, I have a PDF schedule of the PSL 5 येथे. You can download it for free. Moreover, the people who want to publish the PSL schedule 2020 timetable in their shops.


Download PSL PDF Schedule 2020


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