PAGE 2020 వేదికలు, స్థానం | PSL క్రికెట్ ప్రదేశాలు 5

PAGE 2020 వేదిక capacities, location, and numbers are available in this post. అన్ని PSL 2020 places have excellent capacities for cricket lovers. ఇప్పుడు, the cricket matches of the fifth season are holding in Pakistan. The reason is that the chairman of the PCB wants to host PSL 5 cricket matches in Pakistan.

PAGE 2020 వేదికలు

Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered to hold the matches in Pakistan. అందువలన, PCB officials have selected the PSL 2020 locations for this purpose. కాబట్టి, it is interesting news for cricket lovers in that country. The total cricket matches of this fifth season are 34, దీనిలో జరుగనున్నాయి 4 cricket venues.


మీరు తెలిసిన, PCB made పాకిస్తాన్ సూపర్ లీగ్ లో 2015. According to the birth date, this T20 league has played four seasons. అలాగే, it has six excellent teams like other T20 leagues such as ఐపిఎల్, బిపిఎల్, బిగ్ బాష్, మరియు Euro T20, etc.

The cricket matches of PSL 2020 will start on 20th ఫిబ్రవరి, and the date of the final competition is 22nd మార్చి. Let’s talk about the PCB selected venues for cricket matches of PAGE 5!

ముల్తాన్ క్రికెట్ స్టేడియం

This cricket venue is the home ground of Multan Sultans, which is an excellent team in PSL. అలాగే, it belongs to Multan that is the most famous city in Pakistan. Multan stadium has Floodlights, comfortable seats, and a beautiful location for cricket lovers. It is available on the Chenab River.

PCB officials chose this cricket place due to its fantastic capacity. కాబట్టి, the capacity of Multan Cricket Stadium is 35,000 people at a time. నీకు తెలుసా? This stadium has become an international venue many times.

నేషనల్ స్టేడియం

Karachi has many famous international things. For example, it has a national stadium, Jinnah Airport, Port Bin Qasim, and port of Karachi, etc. Moreover, it is the populous city in Pakistan and the seventh-largest city in the world. Many international cricket matches have played in National Stadium.

పాకిస్తాన్ క్రికెట్ బోర్డు has selected this cricket place due to its beautiful lights and seats. Want to know about the capacity? The capacity of National Stadium is 34,288 people at a time. Moreover, it is the home ground of Karachi Kings.

రావల్పిండి క్రికెట్ స్టేడియం

It is the most beautiful cricket stadium and belongs to Rawalpindi. అలాగే, Rawalpindi is the twin city of Islamabad. There is no stadium in Islamabad. అందువలన, you can say that it is the home ground of Islamabad United. The international players of other countries have visited this cricket venue many times.

Moreover, its capacity, amazing lights, and location became the cause of selection by the PCB. 28,000 cricket fans can watch live cricket at a time in it.

గడ్డాఫీ స్టేడియం

It is the home ground of most expensive team లాహోర్ Qalandars in the PSL. Lahore is the capital of the Province Punjab. అలాగే, it is the wealthiest city in Pakistan. And Gaddafi Stadium is available in Lahore. Some cricket matches of the last four seasons have played in this cricket place.

The officials of the PCB have selected this venue for cricket matches of PSL 5. కాబట్టి, the capacity of గడ్డాఫీ స్టేడియం ఉంది 27,000. అలాగే, the final cricket match of PAGE 2020 will take place in this cricket venue. Many global players have visited this stadium. ఇప్పుడు, some of them are coming again to visit it.

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Final Words

కాబట్టి, you have known about the PAGE 2020 వేదికలు in detail. అలాగే, if you need more information about the cricket places of Pakistan Super League, then don’t worry. You have to write your query or demand in the comment section. I will upload the information on this site. కాబట్టి, keep visiting.


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