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WWE News: Matt Hardy posts epic signs an "Awakening" and "Great War" is on the way

Matt Hardy is dropping some clues and you need to follow this trail.

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This is going to be EXTRAORDINARY!

What’s the story?

There’s something special going on in House Of Hardy right now. Anthem Sports changed their policy concerning former talent keeping their gimmicks and now it looks like Matt Hardy is going to be allowed to be Broken (or Woken) on WWE television.

It might have taken a lot, but it’s finally happening and lots of things are coming together including Vanguard 1 rebooting and it looks like Hardy’s drone won’t be the only familiar face emerging on Raw very soon.

In case you didn’t know…

The saga of Broken Matt dominated Impact Wrestling for much of 2016 as the Broken Hardys continued on their Expedition Of Gold and dominated wherever they went.

When Matt and Jeff Hardy came back to WWE at WrestleMania 33, they were back to their Team Xtreme gimmick leaving the Broken Universe back in Impact Wrestling because they wouldn’t let go of the intellectual property.

The heart of the matter

After Matt Hardy received a proper beating from Bray Wyatt on Raw this week he certainly appeared to be breaking right in front of our eyes. Things finally looked like they were coming together.

This theory really picked up steam once Anthem Sports said they were going to amend their talent contract and allow them to take their gimmicks with them when they leave the company. This also applies to former talent meaning the Broken Universe is finally coming home to the House Of Hardy.

Dave Meltzer speculated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the Hardys are likely to be Woken instead of Broken in WWE. But whichever moniker they adopt, it will be incredible if they’re going to tell the same kind of outstanding storytelling on a WWE stage.

After being dormant since February, Vanguard 1’s official Twitter account sprung back to life showing a gif of a computer booting up. Matt Hardy soon replied to his old friend informing his drone it was time to return to the trenches of The Great War. Something amazing is happening and we are lucky to witness it.

Matt Hardy soon uploaded an epic video showing himself ordering “Senor” to procure his coat of battle. We can only assume Senor Benjamin is the person he’s speaking to here.

You don’t get a full glimpse, but it seems like Hardy never got rid of his epic Broken coat through all of the legal nonsense. It looks like things are going to hit the ground running very soon.

What’s next?

Pay very close attention to everything Matt Hardy does because each little action could very well be a step closer to something huge. The Woken Universe might be even bigger than the Broken Universe ever could be if WWE has anything to say about.

Author’s take

It’s about time that Anthem Sports released the gimmick back into the rightful hands of The Hardys. Since it took so long, there’s a chance some of the momentum has been lost. But give it just a little bit of time and I’m sure the WWE Universe will soon be exploding with “delete” chants all night long just like the House Of Hardy’s glory days in Impact Wrestling.

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