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Voice of Neyland weighs in on UT Athletics Director decision

Coaching search aside, the news that the University of Tennessee placed John Currie on paid leave and appointed former head coach Philip Furmer to take his place has the phone lines filling up Sports Radio WNML

While many fans are disappointed, the ‘Voice of Neyland,’ Jeff Jarnigan, is hopeful people will look at the big picture.

“At this point you may want to step back and breathe a little bit and let this part of the process shake out and let’s see what happens behind it,” Jarnigan said.

He told 10News, he did not see this decision coming.

“Am I surprised? Yes, but may not have all the necessary facts leading up to this moment,” Jarnigan added.

He joked the carousel of potential coaches has been confusing, even as he prepares for his talk radio show.

“I’ve spent a lot of time on Wikipedia studying up on people that I didn’t even know about before,” Jarnigan said with a smile.

With all the questions circulating around the decision to place Currie on paid leave and find a new coach, Jarnigan doesn’t have an answer.

“How we got here? I don’t know. How are we going to get out of this? I’m not exactly sure,” Jarnigan said.

Jarnigan does know the University of Tennessee is a special place.

“Wherever we go with this hire and the football hire, my personal preference would be that we get people who love the University of Tennessee and this is a destination job for them,” Jarnigan added.

While the uncertainty continues on the radio waves, he hopes fans will trust in the process.

“I think this is a blip on the overall historic radar screen and in the moment, it’s probably worse than it will be in the rearview mirror in 5 years. You just have to let it play out at this point and let people make decisions and move forward,” he said.

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