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This Is the Only Piece of Equipment You Need to Strengthen Your Core

The toe-touch and mountain climber are both excellent core moves. The lack of stability created by the Bosu requires even more control and precision than doing them off of the sturdy surface of the floor or ground. (For more workouts that will torch your core, check out Anarchy Abs from Men’s Health.)

The lateral hop is a great cardiovascular exercise that boosts your heart rate. The cushioning and additional height of the balance trainer softens the impact, while providing an unstable surface that can help strengthen the ankles.

Elevating the hind leg on a split-squat adds more resistance to the front leg, increasing the challenge of the exercise without adding external loads. And—surprise!—putting the hind leg on the Bosu is going to require you to stabilize your core and legs that much more.

Aside from the added instability the Bosu adds to a squat thrust, it also makes the exercise difficult in a surprising way. At 14 pounds, it’s can be used to add weight to an exercise. With an explosive move like a squat thrust, a little weight can go a long way.

So go find a Bosu ball, and rock out a circuit of 10 to 15 reps of each exercise for 3 to 5 rounds. Or just add these moves individually to one of your workouts for a boost in abdominal and leg strength. Watch the video above to see how they’re done.

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