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The Shield set for return to WWE

Shield reunion imminent?

Ever since the Shield disbanded in 2014 when Seth Rollins turned on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, most wrestling fans expected the group to reunite at some point.

It now looks like that point is staring us in the face.

Apparently WWE is going to pull the string on a six-man match at an upcoming show that will see Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins reunite to take on The Miz and his Miztourage.

Why is WWE pulling out the reunion now instead of saving it for a big event like WrestleMania or SummerSlam?

Attendance has been extremely light for WWE and the company is going to try and bump up ticket sales.

The thought process is that Mania and big shows like SummerSlam or the Royal Rumble sells themselves and don’t need a big-time money match like the lesser cards.

Besides, as it has been stated in this column for months, Reigns is scheduled to take on Brock Lesnar for the Universal title at Mania.

Considering that the Lesnar and Reigns match will begin to be built around the time of the Royal Rumble, WWE has to get to that point.

Cesaro’s gruesome injury

At No Mercy last Sunday, Cesaro suffered injuries to his teeth in a gruesome scenario.

About five minutes in, Dean Ambrose threw Cesaro into the corner and he hit his mouth on the ring post.

Originally, the thought was that Cesaro broke his teeth before finishing the match 11 minutes later.

However, his teeth were actually pushed up into his gums three-to-four millimeters.

At first, the thought was that he would have to have the teeth pulled and then having implants made, but now he may only have to get root canals done.

Regardless, I tip my cap to him for finishing the match after an injury.

Hardy set for surgery

Jeff Hardy will have surgery Tuesday on his torn rotator cuff.

He injured it a couple of months ago at Great Balls of Fire and was trying to work through the injury, but it became too painful.

He is expected to miss around six months, so he may have to miss WrestleMania.

Look for WWE to try and use Matt Hardy in a bigger role, or at least attempt to.

Cole to miss Raw

Longtime WWE announcer Michael Cole is said to be missing this coming edition of Raw as he has taken time off because of his son’s wedding.

Cole has been with WWE since 1997 and this will only be the second show he will have missed.

Pro wrestling class coming to local college

There is still time to register for a pro wrestling class being taught at CCAC’s North Campus for two weeks in October.

Tom Leturgey, a respected pro wrestling historian, will teach the class on Oct. 11 and 18.

“Pittsburgh has such a rich history when it comes to professional wrestling,” he said. “In addition to producing some of the most unique and impactful personalities throughout the decades, just about every significant performer has spent time here, some of which may be surprising!”

The classes will be three hours each and begin at 6:30 p.m.

A reporter in Pittsburgh for more than 20 years, Leturgey currently serves as ring announcer for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) and is also an editor for several pro wrestling websites.

Most notably, Leturgey, a Cal U grad, has contributed to, World of Wrestling online, the Pittsburgh Sporting News, and The Patch among other sites.

For more information on the class or to register, visit or call (412) 788-7507.

Tom can be reached at for more information.

On this date…

In 20004, WWE released 24/7, the precursor to the WWE Network.

At a cost of $6.95 a month, the On-Demand service gave fans limited access to past shows including house shows, features and old TV shows.

This week’s question: When is WWE getting another Pay-Per-View? Bob, Uniontown.

With the way that WWE drew for Raw when it was in town in July, I think WWE may want to see how it draws for another TV taping before giving Pittsburgh a PPV.

However, Pittsburgh is not the only town that has been having issues drawing for TV, and this topic will be covered next week.

Email questions/comments to Bill at or tweet them to me @BillHughes_III.

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