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No Days Off Health Tips presented by Healit

“Don’t just be in the game. Win the game.”

The No.1 U.S compression wraps and tapes manufacturer, Healit™, has joined forces with the New England Patriots to bring fans health, fitness and Patriots-inspired content throughout the 2017 season.

Healit™ systems are the next generation of therapeutic sports and medical compression wraps. Their unique self-adhesive compression wraps and tapes are designed to prepare the body, prevent injury, protect against re-injury and enhance performance. Healit™  wraps and tapes help to reduce swelling, improve blood flow and increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to damaged tissues so you can go faster, work harder and last longer.

The “Patriots Wrap-Up presented by Healit™” will be available on and Patriots social media channels throughout the season. Additionally, Healit™ will have a monthly series published right here on the Lifestyle section of, in which Patriots fans are provided with beneficial health and fitness tips.

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For this month’s Healit™ tips, let’s kick it off with Speed Training: Patriots Style.

Even with the season in full swing, you can always do more to improve your speed and efficiency. The days of endlessly running laps are gone, making way for new and improved techniques to increase your explosive power and overall speed. Patriots are at the forefront of innovation, and by using the training model below you can train like a Patriot and win the game.

1. Speed starts with strength…
Without adequate strength, you will not be able to generate the explosive power required for speed over short distances. To speed train effectively, it is vital that we develop explosive leg strength. This is accomplished through load bearing exercises like dead lifts, squats, upper body and core stabilizing exercises, like shoulder presses and curls.

2. Strength generates acceleration…
To increase your acceleration speed you must enhance your body’s physiology and increasing the efficiency of the fast twitch fibers that are activated during maximum exertion. Hill sprints are a great way to do this. Because of the incline you are asking your body to work much harder than when you run on flat ground. Sprinting up an incline will therefore help to build up your muscular strength. The more you do it, the more your legs will adapt to running uphill. As a result, sprinting on a flat surface will become much easier.

3. Acceleration translates to speed with a good stride…
The easiest and most effective way to increase your ground speed is to increase the length of your stride. This can be done by gaining flexibility in your leg muscles. More often than not, the longer your stride, the faster you can cover a set distance. Combine this with an increased stride frequency and you’re on your way to success.

4. Technique helps you maintain speed…
Technique is incredibly important in sprinting. A good knee lift and a shortened lever of the leg in the recovery phase will help turn the power you have created above into speed that you can maintain. 

5. Good agility means you can take off at speed…
To start ahead of the pack you need to be able to change direction at speed. Improving your agility can boost your overall performance and improve your coordination.

So what are you waiting for? If you want that winning edge, train like a Patriot.

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