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Cricket Live Score, India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test Day 1 in Delhi: Cheteshwar Pujara Now Dealing in Boundaries


Sri Lanka have little to look forward to on Day 2. But they will surely go for the second new ball in the first session tomorrow. Big test awaits them. That’s it for today from Cricketnext team. Do join us tomorrow.


The day, in a nutshell belonged to the Indians. It was a good toss to win for the Indians, as they powered to 371/4. Vijay and Kohli were stars of the day as they added 283 runs together. Vijay reached his 11th Test hundred, while Kohli made his 20th. It was a tiring day for the Lankan bowlers, as they just leaked runs left , right, and center.


Sandakan is certainly making the Indian batsmen think in the last phase of the day. He looked ordinary for most part of the day, but suddenly there is some zing in his bowling. But Rohit negotiates the over safety. India finish with 371/4 in 90 overs. Virat Kohli is 156 not out.


A rare bad ball by Dhananjaya. He bowls the ball wide of Rohit Sharma, and he just cuts the ball hard to the boundary. Rohit is happy giving respect to the good deliveries, as we enter last over of the day. Five runs coming from the over. India are 371/4.


STUMPED AGAIN! Sandakan has suddenly bagged two wickets. He pitches the ball short, and turns the wrong way. Rahane misses the ball by a mile. That is unfortunate for the India vice captain. His bad patch with the bat continues. India are 365/4.


Ajinkya Rahane comes out to the middle to face the last four overs of the day. He gets off the mark, with a push on the leg side. A lot of credit should be given how Dhananjaya has bowled. He has not leaked many runs, and has created opportunities for wickets. India are 365/3. 


STUMPED: Sandakan bowls a widish delivery, outside the off stump. The ball misses Vijay’s bat, and Dickwella removes the bails in a flash. All appeal for a stumping. Vijay’s foot was on the line, and he is adjudged out by the third umpire. He perishes for 155. India are 361/3. 


A nudge towards the covers, Virat brings a quiet 150.  Kohli runs hard to complete three runs. This is Kohli’s 8th 150 score in Tests. In the same over Vijay had a slight scare as the ball is in the air briefly, but falls short of short mid-wicket. India are 357/2. 


Sandakan comes up with a decent over finally. Just two singles coming from the over, and Kohli will have to wait a bit more for his 150. Sri Lanka persisting with the old ball. India are 353/2. 


Not much from Dhananjaya over. India slowing down a bit towards the end of the day. Understandably so, as both batsmen would like to be not out at the end of the day. Brilliant focus shown by Vijay and Kohli. India are 352/2.


Sandakan not bowling disciplined lines at all. Starts with a good length ball and Kohli pounces on it, to send it for a four through long on. Then Vijay reaches his 150, his fourth in Test cricket. Kohli also nearing his 150. India are 349/2. 


Dhananjaya is doing way better than his other teammates. Just three runs coming from the over. Looks like Lanka won’t really go for the new ball now, seeing the way these two batsmen are batting. India are 340/2.


Sandakan has been wayward with his lines. Both the batsmen are comfortably milking him for singles without any risk involved. A really wide ball outside the off stump sees Kohli latch on to it, but only for two runs. Chandimal having constant chats with the spinner, but that’s not helping, as he bowls another no ball. India are 337/2. The second new ball is available now.


First ball of a fresh Dhanjanaya overs, and Virat Kohli employs a sweep. Not a shot usually played by the Indian batsman. But the Lankan spinner has managed to get Kohli to do something different. A loose delivery then sees Kohli guide the ball to third man for three runs. That brings up 250 partnership from Vijay-Kohli. India are 328/2.


Sandakan comes into the attack. Just regular stuff there. An appeal against Vijay coming in the over after the ball pitches on middle, and goes to leg, straight to keeper’s hands. But the umpire is not pleased with the appeal. Just one run coming from the over. India 322/2.


Dhananjaya continues with his off-spinners. The ball is certainly doing a bit for the bowler on the first day itself. But that won’t bother the in-form Vijay and Kohli much. Five runs coming from that over that takes India’s score to 321/2.


Gamage persisting with the short pitch stuff. The pitch not really conducive for such kind of bowling. Murali Vijay creams one through the off-side for a four. The ball races away to the boundary. In the over, Virat Kohli completes 3,000 runs as captain. He is the third Indian to do so after MS Dhoni and Sunil Gavaskar. India are 316/2.


Dhananjaya de Silva, despite being a part-time bowler has looked closest to picking up a wicket. He bowls it fuller, and invites a drive from him, twice. The ball was in the air, but no fielder to catch it. Murali Vijay tries to be fancy against him, and tries to sweep, misses the ball, that hits the pad and Lankans appeal. But the appeal is turned down. Just two runs from the over. It’s 308/2. 


Gamage comes back for the 74th over. Nothing spectacular from the fast bowler. He bowls that monotonous short length that doesn’t trouble the batsmen. Vijay and Kohli nudge singles towards midwicket. India are 306/2.


After the drinks break it was a rare economical over for Sri Lanka. Just two singles coming from the over, but India still maintaining a run-rate of more than 4. India would eye to finish more than 350 now. 


3 runs from the Sandakan over here as Vijay dabs one past the short third-man fielder to pick a couple. The umpires call for the drinks break as the Lankans need to regroup here and think a way out to get a break on the partnership here. India’s score reads 302/2 with Vijay on 134 and Kohli on 118.


1 run from the Dhananjaya over as the Indians are looking like they are just happy to wait for the bad balls as there have been way too many on offer right through the day. Wonderful batting from both Murali Vijay and skipper Virat Kohli. India’s score reads 299/2 after 71 overs


7 runs from the Sandakan over as Kohli unveils the sweep at the start of the over. The spinner goes short immediately. Really poor application from the Lankan bowlers. Good news from off the field for the Lankans as Sadeera has been cleared after he went for a precautionary CT scan after being hit on the helmet by a shot from Murali Vijay. He is set to take the field on Sunday


2 runs from the Dhananjaya over and once again, it is almost as if the bowlers are going through the motions and waiting for something to happen for them. India’s score reads 291/2 as Kohli and Vijay are having fun in the middle on a warm winter afternoon.


4 runs from the Sandakan over here, but there are no wickets coming and that is the issue here because the Indians are literally running away with the game here. No control over the game whatsoever from the bowlers and that is costing Dinesh Chandimal and the boys. India’s score reads 289/2


6 runs from the Dilruwan over as Vijay picks up another boundary. Boundaries have almost become a common sight here as the Indians have been toying with the Lankan bowlers as the score reads 283/2. Easy stroll for the Indians out here. A wicket is the order of the day.


3 runs from the Dilruwan over as India’s score reads 276/2 after 64 overs. Kohli batting on 104 and Vijay is batting on 122. The Indians have been batting like they are training at the nets. The partnership stands at 198 between Kohli and Vijay. It has been a treat to watch this partnership as Lanka have also wasted a DRS review by asking for an LBW against Kohli.


4 runs from the Gamage over as the Indians almost look like they are playing for fun here. Kohli and Vijay look like they have no problems whatsoever in facing these Lankan bowlers. India’s score reads 273/2


CENTURY NO.20 for KOHLI! Another century from the run-machine. Picks a single on the leg side to score another one here. His first on home ground and rounds off a brilliant year in Test cricket where he has scored one century after another. The dressing room stands up to cheer their captain.


9 runs from the Gamage over as Vijay hits another boundary on the square. But more importantly, Kohloi gets to 99. Just one more run needed for the skipper to score his first century on his home ground. India’s score reads 263/2 after 61 overs


7 runs from the Dilruwan over as Vijay ends with an inside-out cover drive as the ball races off the turf. Vijay has shown how to play the cover drive to perfection right through the innings today. The Indians have almost batted Sri Lanka out of the game on the first day itself. India’s score reads 254/2 after 60 overs

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